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Pera Wallet revamped the Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) Verification Program to build on a stronger foundation. The new verification program provides the Algorand community with a seamless experience to research and learn more about each verified token.

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ASA Verification Tiers


Automated Validation

Verified projects have their creator wallet validated and their linked website URL confirmed. This means that the ASA is linked to the project’s public presence. Process is fully automated.


Trusted Ecosystem Projects

Well-known and already live ecosystem projects can also earn the Trusted badge. Only established projects are eligible for this status and there is no application process for it.


Any suspicious activity reported to Pera Wallet or obvious scam or rug pull events will cause an ASA to be marked with the “suspicious” flag, clearly visible in the application.

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Main purpose of ASA verification is to prevent an ASA from pretending to be affiliated and acting as the token for a project it’s not connected to.

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ASA Verification is not an endorsement of the project. Neither Algorand nor Pera would ever use the verification process to endorse a project.

You can learn more about the ASA Verification program​ on our blog.

Verification Process

To get the Verified badge, every project has to go through the fully automated verification process through this portal. Here are the steps required:


Confirm that you have control of the creator wallet of the ASA


Validate your email


Verify the domain ownership for the ASA


Go through ID verification


Pass the uniqueness check for the ASA name

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ASA Verified! Now the asset will have a badge in all Pera platforms.

Trusted ASA

Every verified ASA gets its own public page on the portal, and better visibility within Pera Wallet on every list and search screen. If you are a project owner, you can apply now.

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