"NFT TAITAS, They are digital, collectible, unique, limited and rare works of art, minted on the algorand blockchain and inspired by elements of the Pramos and their existence value. TAITAS is made up of a wooden ring of native flora and a suspended particle of water, inside it is the WEWAC isotype, all modeled in 3D by Colombian artists, and animated in collaboration with artists from the United States. In addition, they function as a key or identifier to receive the Airdrop of the WEWAC token, when it is launched in the TGE public market."

Unit name Taita01
Creator wallet address GCFDH5...L52AHQ
Total Supply 1
Date of Creation Aug. 18, 2023, 7:03 p.m. UTC
Network mainnet



2.500.000 Wewac

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