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This is a well-known and established project in the Algorand ecosystem.






Xfinite is a blockchain based decentralized entertainment ecosystem that aims to revolutionize digital entertainment. Xfinite democratizes premium content and NFTs via 2 platforms - Mzaalo AVOD and Mzaalo NFT. Mzaalo AVOD platform is a watch-to-earn video-on-demand platform offering premium content (12,000+ movies as well as music, originals, and live TV) to 2mn+ users. Mzaalo NFT platform is India’s largest entertainment NFT marketplace that enables community ownership of curated IPs and media assets. The platforms will also integrate interactive advertisements, content and fan management modules for celebrities, digital rights management module for content owners and E-stores for brands / celebrities. The ecosystem is powered by the Xfinite Entertainment Token (XET), Xfinite ecosystem’s native currency and smart contracts built on the Algorand blockchain. Xfinite is also the First Media-Entertainment Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Platform to enter Dubai’s Regulated Virtual Asset Regime. Xfinite’s entry into a regulated regime presents a huge advantage to enable mass adoption of Xfinite’s platforms as well as the XET token.


Project Name

Xfinite Entertainment Token

Total Supply

4.0 billion XET

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