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NFTrade is all about bridging the gap between traditional business and the possibilities of the Algorand blockchain. Based on a rapidly expanding cannabis company, NFTrade seeks to achieve full tokenization of assets. We operate on the cutting edge of investing, combining traditional business with De-Fi by offering fractional ownership of real-world assets through our token. Benefits of tokenization: - Efficiency: no brokers and no fees for intermediaries - Transparency: all trade and ownership records are kept on the Algorand blockchain - Opportunity: an equal playing field for all investors - Highly liquid: tokens can be exchanged for liquidity at a moments notice How does it work? NFTrade exists as its own legal entity (NFTrade LLC) and owns the NFTrade Token ($NFT), the High Hog NFTs and the NFTrade Vault. Our Token represents fractional ownership of assets held by the NFTrade LLC. The Token will grant holders a right to 'collector interest'. These are the right to receive a percentage of any future proceeds derived from the assets held by the NFTrade LLC without having to contribute capital. NFTrade is SEC and tax compliant.


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Total Supply

1.0 billion NFT

Date of Creation

Dec. 4, 2021, 9:28 p.m. UTC

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