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This coin started out as an example of how easy and quick it is to use the powerful Algorand blockchain to make your own shit coin so that you can pump and dump to make millions. Obviously the making millions part is a stretch in this case but what it did effectively show is the power and speed of the Algorand Blockchain. While the creator of the coin and post on Reddit, a user named u/Odlavso made it as a joke coin to use for an example in their post what they did not expect is the absolute explosion that came after. Within a couple days there were several thousand comments all loving the ButtCoin that was made with many of the comments being requests on how to buy the coin. This caused Odlavso to start to put energy and time into the coin do to the demand. The coin quickly grew to a level that Odlavso was not prepared for or desired it to be. It was then that they decided to transfer the ownership of the coin to another user that was very active in the early days of the sub that was created. The goal of this coin and this community is to build what started off as a joke into a real functioning project. This allows many people to get a hands on inside look into what it takes to build up a crypto currency and all the challenges that come with it. We will build up this coin and community together with the goal of learning about crypto economics and blockchain technology at the forefront of what drives this project.


Project Name


Total Supply

1.0 billion Butts

Date of Creation

May 24, 2022, 9:55 p.m. UTC

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