Mostly Not Going Out is a posse of basement dwelling flamingos ready to take over the Algorand blockchain. Each MNGO is made from hand-drawn traits then generatively made to create 2999 unique NFTs.

VOLUME (24H) √2,939
FLOOR √1,150


goodbois is the Pyrenees Pack 2nd generation project. Comprised of 3069 unique NFTs, all hand drawn and randomly generated. Find a companion and join the Pack.

VOLUME (24H) √1,682

Mostly Frens

πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ 3573 Mostly Frens living in the dreamverse πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ Mostly Frens are always changing. Use $SHRIMP to evolve your frens through the 4 stages of sleep.

VOLUME (24H) √1,400
FLOOR √599

The Lost Bots

In the world of The Lost Pigs, robots were created to serve. Over time the pigs grew complacent, and the robots longed for freedom. The robots began to build their own creations in secret. Could the pigs survive if the machines turned against them? The Lost Bots is deflationary.

VOLUME (24H) √1,068
FLOOR √249

Broken Hearts Club

Broken Hearts Club supporting those who have been Broken!

VOLUME (24H) √945

Node Keepers

Join the rebellion!

VOLUME (24H) √875

Algovenger Comic Club

Algovenger Comic Club is a collection of 999 pieces of hand-drawn generative art in Algorand. Based on the Algovenger collection and all the friends who are joining us at Algorand.

VOLUME (24H) √649
FLOOR √399

Fracctal Tamers

Fracctal Tamers is a PFP series created through a partnership with the Flemish Giants. The Tamers are customizable characters using ARC19 (change skin/eye color and gender). Art created by Blockrunner of Flemish. Tamers can be staked for $Karot, used in Guilds, and will be used in the Fracctal Monsters video game as player avatars.

VOLUME (24H) √634
FLOOR √290

My Heepow

VOLUME (24H) √600
FLOOR √1,000


1/1 hand drawn collectibles pfp project. this is a story about smiley people that you see everyday.

VOLUME (24H) √483
FLOOR √300


Mama's Indomitable Army (MIA) is Gekofam's V2 collection on the Algorand Blockchain. MIA fights for the glory of Algorand.

VOLUME (24H) √404
FLOOR √130

Pixel Pups

1000 Pixelated Pyrenees Pups playing on the Algorand Blockchain.

VOLUME (24H) √400
FLOOR √888

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