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What are the different ASA Verification Tiers, and what do they mean?

There are several states that an ASA can get through our verification program.
The main purpose of ASA verification is to prevent an ASA from pretending to be affiliated and acting as the token for a project it’s not connected to.

ASA Verification is not an endorsement of the project. Neither Algorand nor Pera would ever use the verification process to endorse a project.

Here are the list of tiers that you can find:

How can I get my ASA Verified?

To get the Verified badge, every project has to initially go through the fully automated verification process through this portal:

Every verified ASA gets its own public page on the portal, and better visibility within Pera Wallet on every list and search screen. If you are a project owner, you can apply now.

What are the requirements for the ASA website?

We require that you have a working website that contains the following:

How long does it take to get verified?

It usually takes under 2 weeks for an ASA to be reviewed and verified. If the verification hasn’t been made under this time window, we invite you to contact us at verification@perawallet.app.

How can I follow the status of my verification request?

When you apply for an ASA verification, we’ll send you an e-mail with the confirmation that your application has been received and is under review. In this e-mail, you’ll get a link where you can review the status of your application.

We encourage you to verify the status by following this link and see if any complementary information is needed. In general, an application should take around 2 weeks.

How can I view the public page of an ASA?

All the ASA that the Pera Verification Portal has verified will be available on this website. You can use the search bar to look for an ASA.

The ASA verification tiers will also be displayed on the Pera Wallet for informational purposes.

My ASA Verification request has been approved, what will happen now?

Congratulations, if your ASA has been approved, you’ll be able to view your ASA under a public profile with all the information related to your ASA. Everyone will be able to view this information as well.

My ASA Verification has been refused, how can I ask for a new review?

If our verification portal has refused your application for any reason, it means that some information might be missing for the system to complete the process.

Therefore, we invite you to apply a second time and to make sure to provide all the required information. If you cannot provide all the needed information, we’re sorry to inform you that the verification status will remain unchanged.

I don’t understand the verification status for my ASA and I want to make a complaint

We are sorry to hear that the verification status of your ASA is not what you expected. However, once the ASA has been reviewed and its status has been associated with it, the information is becoming public.

If you want to make a second verification request, we invite you to make a new application. However, please note that a recorded history will be displayed on the public profile.

At Pera, we share transparent information with our users, and the ASA verification portal is a tool to improve the Algorand Blockchain Ecosystem and avoid scammy ASA.

I have some questions / Feedback regarding the ASA Verification Portal. Where can I reach out to you?

We’re here to help. In case you have any questions or feedback you would like to share with us, you can contact us at verification@perawallet.app.

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